Hello! Recently we have seen an increase in orders which is exciting! The Etsy site is starting to pick up and we are averaging around 1 order a day, which doesn’t seem like a lot, however considering we are 100% online currently and have only been in business about a month, i see that as a good average! Obviously, we want to see that increase, and hopefully with the introduction of the vendor shows that will happen.

I’m starting to bounce the idea around of getting a phone line for the business for order specifics and vendor shows. The added cost is high, however I think it would add a helpful line of communication and reach additional clients.

I am exploring winter vendor shows and I’m looking at branching out into other cities such as Colorado Springs. Maybe getting our name out there to other cities will help us reach a different client base.

Sometimes I feel ridiculous in all of this. I’ve even been bouncing the idea of leaving my day job….

thanks for reading! will update again soon.


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