Well today is my first official day back at mt grown up job. I haven’t talked much about my health or the stroke since my first initial post. I have mixed emotions about going back to the service. I have fallen in love with this business and have been happier doing this than I have been in a long time. I am nervous for the balancing act that is going to happen between getting MHB off the ground and working my real job to pay the bills. Hopefully i can find the right mixture of things.

on a business note, I have looked into 2 additional vendor shows and have applied to 1. the second one they want the vendor fee up front so it may have to wait a minute. I’ve learned the vendor fees add up quickly. I have also learned I’m burning through inventory trying to stock up for these events. Thankfully I was able to open a business account with one vendor and the discount there seems to be the cheapest place for me as of right now. Will update more after the day ends… fingers crossed everything goes well!


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