Vendor Show

Hello again! So, I got accepted into my first vendor show, and applied for a second one. fingers crossed that one goes just as well. The Facebook page has surpassed 100 likes and reached 127. my goal for the upcoming week is 200 likes. I feel like that is going to be a stretch, but you never know! I’m trying not to lose the momentum I’ve had so far. I’ve been surprised at the people who have followed the page. Those I thought wouldn’t give me the time of day have actually supported it.

Onto this week’s frustrations…. Orders are still coming in but narrowing down one specific vendor to use has been hard. certain products I want I can’t seem to get all from the same place. I don’t like being all over the board with different materials. I feel like it doesn’t look professional. To add to this week’s frustrations, I have a few projects that have gone well, a few that have not, and 1 or 2 that I’ve just immediately trashed and not paid a second thought too.

I’ve made the first couple pieces in the new line coming out in July. This line is harder to make than I imagined. Having lost someone to the cause has made me nostalgic during the process. I will keep pushing though.

I need to find a different kind of HTV vinyl… I’m starting to wonder if part of my problem isn’t just the brand I’m using… Here’s to figuring it out!

thanks for reading


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