Self Doubt

I feel the title says it all. 5 TikTok videos in, annnnd i think i hate me a little bit more with each one. Whoever said the camera adds 5lbs nailed it. This has been an interesting experience. On the plus side I made 3 sales yesterday! woohoo! we are making progress. I promised transparency, and so transparency i will give you. You have to spend money to make money, and that’s absolutely where we are at. Who knew the cost of doing a startup was so high? I’m hopefully the TikTok page will bring in some more revenue or at least bring more traffic to the shop page.

Onto the news about next steps… entering the ever so vicious and deadly world of craft shows and farmers markets. I feel like these business women probably have the same mannerisms as wild animals….fingers crossed I don’t get eaten alive.


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