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Design Manager, Writer, and Owner


Rebecka is a seasoned first responder with a passion for helping and giving back to her community. She is the owner and founder of MHB DesignCo. In early 2022, Rebecka suffered a stroke and received deficits that impacted her first responder career; This caused her to change paths. Trying to make something Beautiful out of something difficult became her mission. During her recovery time she had began making custom apparel and home décor for friends and family. With strong encouragement from her husband and best friend, she decided to start MHB DesignCo.

Rebecka believes in determination, hard work, and passion. She also believes in transparency. This site offers a look into the everyday life, trials and successes, failures, learning curves, and frankly the comedic parts where your just “winging it” through things as a small business owner. Follow or story as it unfolds, and maybe learn something about yourself along the way.

Fun FActs

Rebecka has a 120lb German Shephard

Rebecka is a mother to two wonderful boys and has an amazing husband.

Rebecka does painting, scrapbooking, sewing, and additional crafting in her free time

She is originally from Wyoming, but considers North Dakota her second home.

She currently lives in Colorado; but hates the cold.

She is a die hard hockey fan.

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Rebecka is always available to chat! Reach out to us via email or social media. We would love to discuss any custom ideas you have, products your interested in, or simply hear your feedback on the blog or apparel.

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